Insights driven strategy to 20% above target



SHEIKE was looking to develop a clear understanding of its brand and its key customers to take through to strategic deployment.


An online study, of both quantitative and qualitative questions, sent to a panel representative of the Australian population and customers from the SHEIKE customer database. 5047 successful, valid responses were received. All respondents were personality profiled providing actionable consumer profiles to take forward into marketing and brand positioning analysis and direction. Comparative analysis between online consumer panel and SHEIKE customer database was also performed.


  • Commencement of strategy build with a clear understanding of the client business
  • Retail Doctor Group consumer insights study – insights taken into a strategic workshop
  • Clear deployment priorities in brand, distribution and deployment
  • Clear positioning strategy – deploying into above benchmarks sales growth.
Format: Women’s Clothing channel
Store Location: Australia wide
Number of Stores: 29 Stores
Merchandise Mix: Women’s Clothing & Accessories
Armed with this insight, we're on the precipice of becoming a major Australian fashion player and our success will be considered, strategic and impactful.”
Morgan Jenkins
Marketing Manager